Invited Speakers

Title:  Security and Reliability for Machine Learning: Do You Trust the Intelligence Features of Your Smart Cyber Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things
Muhammad Shafique
Institute of Computer Engineering, Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Austria                                        
Title:  Visible Light Communications for Vehicular Networks
Xavier Fernando
Ryerson University, Canada
Title:  Transient Key-based Obfuscation for HLS in an Untrusted Cloud Environment
Guy Gogniat
University of South Brittany (UBS), Lorient, France
Title:  Actor Critic Algorithms for Efficient Communications in IoT Systems
Ahmed E Kamal
Iowa State University, USA
Title:  --
Ashiq Anjum
University of Derby, UK
Title:  --
Andrew Ware
University of South Wales, UK
Title:  Challenges in Healthcare Risk Modeling- Case of Contrast-Induced Acute Kidney Injury
Dr. Khalid Latif
VP of Engineering, Biome Analytics